(by Paul Bauer)

In each of you, there is a seed
a seed of vast potential,
a place beyond the ego mind,
a place so rich and fertile
that you can smell its rich fragrance,
like after a cool summer rain
you can feel this pulse of life
as it pulses through you.

This infinite part of you knows.
Like a beacon in the night
it guides you on your journey...
back home...
back... to the Real You.

This greatness requires just one thing
...your awareness,
awareness through your breath
noticing in each moment
how precious life really is...

and how precious You really are
for you are its Source
and It is your beginning...

You now stand at the crossroads...
a crossroads of your old self
and the Real you.

Embrace this moment
embrace yourself as the creator in your life.
This is your essence
breathe it in...
let it flow...
let it just Be...

and so it is....

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