Generoso T. Sabio, MSC
Submitted to:
Fr. Robert White, SJ
Pontificia Università Gregoriana
July 2, 1997



Chapter I.  Introduction

A. The Situation

1.  A short history of Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA)

2.  CFA vision, mission and goals

3.  The Second Plenary Council of the Philippines of 1991 (PCP II) 

4.  The MSC spirit and mission

5.  The theology of Communio et Progressio 

B.  The Pervading Questions


Chapter II .  The Plan

A.  The Pastoral Animator, Pastoral Team and Staff  

B.  Key Concepts and Terminologies   

C.  The Rationale/Aim of the Training Course   

D.  The Time Frame 

E.  General and Specific Objectives   


Chapter III .  The Training Course (Retreat)

A.  Three to Five-day Retreat: “Seeing the Forest”

Session I.  Rationale for the retreat 

Session II.  Jesus as communicator

Session III.  Recalling and reliving each one’s life story   

Session IV.  Symbols, parables, and paradoxes 

Session V.  Sharing each other’s life’s story  

Session VI.  Appreciating the documents Communio et Progressio, Aetatis

Novae, PCP II, and MSC Constitutions and Statutes  

Session VII.  Towards CFA as a team, and as a community

B.  One-day Recollections: “Seeing the Trees”

First Recollection

Second Recollection

Future Recollections


Chapter IV .  Beyond the Training Course, Retreat and Recollections 



Appendix A .  “The essential is invisible to the eyes”   

Appendix B .  “Between Verbal and non-verbal: song and music”    

Appendix C .  Acts and Decrees of PCP II (pertinent paragraphs)

Appendix D .  Pastoral Instruction Communio et Progressio (pertinent paragraphs)

Appendix E .  Support for Family Religious Education 

Appendix F .  Programs that may be developed for radio and television in the

Archdiocese of Manila