Learning how to swim has two stages. You learn the right movements of arms and legs, and you practice turning your head at just the right angle for breathing with the minimum interruption of your speed. Those skills allow you to maneuver in the water with great efficiency. But before you learn the movements, you have to learn to trust the water's buoyancy---to let the water lift you up. This part requires that you relax completely, trusting that you will float. Unless you learn to trust the water, swimming becomes endless kicking and stroking---it depletes your energy and doesn't take you far. Life is like swimming. We may learn all the right moves and know how to solve problems when we encounter them. But unless we are convinced that God is in control of the whole world, including our lives, life becomes an endless effort. We swim around in circles to the point of exhaustion. Even if we live in a world filled with adversity, continuously encountering powerful and persistent challenges, we can remain hopeful when we can affirm and trust that God is in control of our lives. When we have that trust in Him, our praise becomes our lifestyle rather than an occasional act. Like learning how to swim, the first thing we need to learn in life is to trust God. We will surely float above the water of adversity when we have completely surrendered to the buoyant power of God.

Prayer: "God of life, You are my hope and my trust. Lift me above life's adversity and strengthen my faith in you. Amen."

Faith is like swimming,
If you struggle, you sink...
If you rest, you float.
When you pray, don't beg or struggle--
Simply believe.