Father Art Mateo comes from Guimba, Nueva Ecija. His first assignment as an MSC priest was at Chevalier School, Angeles City, Philippines. He has been organizing Glee Clubs in every place of assignment. He is presently the chaplain of a hospital at San Jose, California, USA.

       He has been a person of humor. He has perfected his craft of story telling that even the "recycled" ones do not sound stale when you hear and see him. The following are the many beautiful stories that he has forwarded all these months. Enjoy!

Keep Your Goals Away from the Trolls

The Best Way

Act Two

Well Said!!!!!!!!!!!

"Charged Up"

God's Plan

Coping with Crisis

America Grieves

Losing the Dead Part

August letter

The Three Trees

The Giving Tree

To Walk in the Light

Quick Jokes

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